Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Minky is my Easter Bunny. Her mohair and ear and footpad fabric came from Australia and her design is a new experiment. I need to do some serious tweaking with this pattern, but overall in the "flesh" she is a little darling even if she is a little melancholy at times. I'm sure when she has collected her Easter eggs she'll be much happier.


Jenny Lee said...

She's gorgeous!!! Love her colours :D

Bumpkin Bears said...

she is a little darling, love the fabric touches, x

Southern Bears said...

Thanks Jenny, the mohair and fabric was from your shop!! I ordered, you sent to my daughter in Rockhampton and she brought the parcel to me in December. A well travelled bunny before she was even born.

And thank you Catherine, the fabrics were fun.

Pat xx

Laura said...

Hi Pat! Love your bunny. Wonderful combo of colors. A real cutie. Don't tweak too much!
Hugs & Love,

customteddys said...

She is beautiful. I want to just pick her up and hug her. Hugs and love to you, Vicki