Thursday, December 31, 2009

As this year is fading and I take stock of what happened during 2009, I sit in awe of all the blessings that came my way. I have love, I have material possessions in abundance, I have good health, I have Faith. And most important of all, all my loved ones are in my life - no-one was lost.

May you all have an absolutely fabulous 2010 and may all your dreams come true.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Missy, the mouse ..
This is Victoria ....

Storm, completed.

These are a few little ones completed a while back. They all have Schulte mohair coats, are fully jointed with embroidered noses and all dressed up for Santa.

My daughter, my two grandchildren and my son-in-law are here! And it's wonderful to be a mom and granny again, even if it is for such a short time. On 4 January they go back to Australia but until then I savour every moment with them. Hectic? Yes! Chaos? Yes! Happiness? Overflowing!

All the Xmas decorations are up and the children are delighted. The gifts are wrapped, the sun is shining and all is well here in the deep south.

With all the activities and celebrations, I may not have the time to post again before Christmas, so I would like to wish everyone, near and far a very, very happy and blessed Christmas time.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A new little friend

On Saturday night we had a huge thunder storm, very typical for Johannesburg at this time of the year. I was in the process of completing this little bear but my kitty Jemima was terrified of the lightning and jumped on my lap for comfort so the bear had to be abandoned for a while because kitty cat definitely gets priority, especially when she is afraid. So,, even though he still needs quite a bit of work done and he needs to be "dressed", I have named him Storm. His coat is Schulte mohair and one of the best mohairs I have worked with. It's silky soft and the picture just does not do justice to little Storm. I'm hoping to have him complete very soon but can't seem to find the time because on the 26th of this month Candy, my daughter and my two grandchildren arrive from Australia and there is so, so much to be done before the arrival date. And instead of being able to go through the "to do" list, I just sit and stare into space and get trilliions of butterflies in my tummy - I am more than excited and cannot wait to see them. How on earth am I going to be able to make all the Christmas bears, decorations and gifts that I had planned???

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Please meet my new Southern Bear, George. George was created from Jenny Lee's give-away pattern "Sunday". All the girl bears are competing for his affections but he has his special little friend joining him very shortly. So watch this space! George is a shy bear and didn't really want his picture taken but he did me a very special favour by posing for me. Thank you George.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I was going to post a new bear and a mouse tonight but then I found out that I had won Wendy's little Amelia and I am over the moon! From the first moment I saw Wendy's bears on her website, I was hooked and I am the very proud mama to two of her bears. And now a third is arriving ... how lucky can a gal be! I hope that you have all had a look at her little darlings because they are such a treat. Thank you Wendy!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Birthday give-away

If you need to smile visit

It's 6th birthday celebration with a delightful give-away. I'm saying no more ... just look!

Wendy's birthday give-away

This gorgeous little girl is Amelia - Wendy's birthday give-away. Please visit her blog for updates on her wonderful creations and adventures.

The Essential Bears website was my introduction to the magical world of bear artists and ignited my passion for bears and bear making. How naive I was to think that I could create these tiny little masterpieces. I tried the miniatures but I don't seem to have the skill to make them so I'll adopt them and treasure them and admire their artists but stick to the larger bears. Perhaps some time down the line, when I have mastered the big ones, I'll try the minis again.

I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday afternoon

I completed another bear last night but the weather is dull and it's raining, so the photographic session has to wait until the weather clears.

In the meantime here's a picture of the cutest bear family. I found this small packet of old potpourri at a junk sale, cut it up, smoothed out the picture and framed it for my workroom.

Aren't they delightful?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Good golly Miss Molly

Molly was completed some time ago but I have been having problems with my hand again and have been quite "out out of things" for a while. It's all very frustrating - no crafting, no bears. Oh dear! Even this photograph is insipid ... but I had to give her her moment of glory. She is 13" when standing and her coat is Alpaca - a very cuddly teddy indeed. And a very friendly and happy little girl.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Heritage Day

Today was Heritage Day in South Africa as well as National "Braai" Day. "Braai" is South African for barbeque. And there was no work today! I went for breakfast with my husband, my friend Elena and her little son Christopher and the breakfast went on for almost 4 hours. What a lovely, lovely morning. The cherry on the top was that Elena brought me the latest copy of Where Women Create. Oh what joy!! Elena left to go and curl up with her copy and the hubby and I joined friends of ours for the "braai'. The weather was gorgeous and it was just such a feel good day.
Well back to work tomorrow, so to all of you, have a fabulous Friday.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Madame Fluff

" So what if I don't have a body, I have a gorgeous hat!"
Poor Madam Fluff ... this mohair is absolutely dreadful and she ended up with a hole in her snout and the rest of limbs seem to be falling apart too. I cannot decide whether I should complete the body or not. This mohair was certainly not inexpensive and I am having such a tough time with it. The pile is very long and fluffy and not stable at all - I have been sneezing my way through the making of this bear and every time a limb is complete I see a hole in the seam! If I do decide to carry on, she will definitely not be able to be a gift or be adopted. It's such a pity because she has such a strong personality. What to do?? I simply cannot abandon her, but with my very limited time, I try to make quality bears and to spend so much time and effort, knowing that she will be defective .... what would you do? Let her be born and keep her as a very special child or bury her in the back of the cupboard? Problem is - these bears have voices and won't allow you to forget them. To all the experienced bear makers - please advise!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sugar Plum

I adore Jenny Lee's creations - I almost drool when I see them on her blog and they always make me smile. I would never be so presumptious as to try and make up any of her bear patterns ... they are JennylovesBenny! However, I did buy the elephant pattern and although I do battle with these little tykes every time I make them, I cannot resist them. When I saw this beautiful pink mohair, I knew that another little elephant was coming! This is the third baby I have made, the other two are now living with my friends, Karen and Elena. The bears have informed me that Sugar Plum (above) has to stay with them and I totally agree. She is such a cute little girl.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Still Pink ...

Watch this space! Coming soon ... a new creation in pink.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More on blonde ...

Hi Laura, you wanted a pic of the blonde me - here you go!

Ha ha - got ya! This was a picture of Pink, taken at a concert my daughter and granddaughter went to in Brisbane. Oh for her looks and her body ... but I do have the same colour hair and the length is about the same and that is the entire extent of any similarity between Pink and Pat.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blonde at the Roots

All my life I have had very dark, almost black hair. However I always secretly wanted to be blonde - platinum blonde. When the grey started creeping in, I dyed it black. At the beginning of this year I made a decision to grown out all the colour and expose the grey! On 1 January 2009 I had long dark hair and when I went to my hairdresser she refused to colour my hair - reminded me of my New Year's Resolution - so she started cutting and not colouring. I have spent 9 months having very short two-toned hair. The grey that revealed itself was very shiney and very silver so I kept going. Yesterday the colour was all finally cut out and Robyn (my hairdresser) dyed the grey platinum blonde. Although I was working towards this, it was such a shock and every time I look in the mirror I have the strongest urge to pull off "the wig"!

Isn't it amazing how we have images in our minds of how we would like to look. Sometimes those images are quite drastic but if we have the courage to change, we achieve it and sometimes it's such a disappointment.

Well, I'll leave it for a while and then perhaps have streaks put in it. Perhaps I need to get used to it but I spent the day today feeling very sad for the loss of my beautiful long dark hair. But then again, change is good.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm certain that all the members of the Canadian Government follow my blog, so ..... good for you! Well done!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


A photographer I am not! In a fashion, I manage to photograph the bigger bears, but the mini bears are a nightmare. Oh well ....
I am also not a maker of mini bears but this one called me and despite the dreadful photographer, Mickey is really very sweet and much cuter than his picture shows. He is 4 1/4" standing, fully jointed and his coat is a lovely lemon Sassy

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Take a look at little Peek-A-Boo at - Ginger Brame has created this darling little bear as a give-away! He's asking when he can leave to come and live in South Africa!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

In the Pink

A mini bear is waiting to be born but the hand is being a little unco-operative. The only part missing is the right leg and then he can make his appearance. So in the meantime I have made a few little bits and pieces (mostly machine sewing and not much pressure needed).
When I was at school my friend's mother made these little crochet hearts. I had been thinking about them and mentioned it to my friend, who found the pattern and made the crochet bits for me and I made the material inner and dollied up the rest.
I spent Saturday with Elena at the Pape Daisy Company, which is always a thrill and came home with a stash of boxes and very pretty ribbons. Real eye candy.
Well, the weekend is over and I hope you all have a really great week.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sweet, sweet girl

This is Abigail, my youngest grandchild. I last saw her and held her when she was 3 months old and she is now quite the madam! I'm planning a bear for her ... hhmm pink and cuddly, white and fluffy - strawberries, peaches? Or should it be a fairy bear? What do you think? And then I'll make twin bears, one for Abigail in Scotland and one for Georgia in Australia! One day when they meet each other they can compare notes on what their bears have told them.
I'll have to think of some very creative gifts for the boys, Jesse and Caleb, because I think secretly they'll be a little envious of the bears, although they would never, ever admit it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


To Candy

Today, 33 years ago, you came into my life and even though we have a huge distance seperating us now, you are still part of every waking moment of my life and I hope that very soon, you and Kari and I will be able to embrace each other. Happy birthday my darling child.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I am very pleased to introduce Roger whom I completed today. The poor little bear sat for two weeks without being sewn up because of my problem right hand. Everytime I walked past him his eyes beseeched me to "finish the job"! Today was the day - my hand felt slightly better and I did it. Roger is a 12" bear with the kindest face. It's a pity his photograph does not show this clearly. And he is waiting for Georgia to take him back Down Under in December.
The backdrop Iused for the photograph is lace tablecloth for an 8 seater table, given to my mother, by her mother, for her 21st birthday. Sadly my mother is no longer with us but she would have been 88 next month. This tablecloth is beautiful and in very good condition and can still be used by my granddaughter when she has a home of her own.
I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pincushion Swop

I have hurt my hand and it's all bandaged up and this post is taking forever to complete. The photographs have taken even longer! But here goes ...

Some time ago I was a participant in a pincushion swop. After I had entered all sorts of things happened in my life and I sent my parcel off after the deadline but fortunately my partner in the USA received her goodies and seemed pleased with my efforts. Thank goodness because I agonised over the pincushion before I mailed it ... all my friends were asked to comment and after number of tweaks and content changes, the package was sent off. I had already given up hope to receive anything in the swop, when my surprise arrived yesterday. Thank you Linda of Fibre Fabrications! Linda breeds Alpaca's in the USA - what a blessed lady and so talented to boot. She sent me a very precious needle felted little bear sitting in a colourful bucket, together with beautiful yarn (Alpaca??), a photograph of an Alpaca (be still my heart) and a card with various sewing needles. A wonderful gift which is deeply appreciated. Linda, everytime I look at my bear I think of "every poke" made.

Take a look at these lovely items -

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another one of Blackie

He's so sweet I couldn't resist showing another pic!

two friends

Iadopted the sweet little grey alpaca bear to play with the little cream bear witch I have had for some time now. These bears are incredibly cut and cuddly and they talk in sweet low voices when they ask for cherry icecream.

This and that

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

I completed a grey alpaca bunny yesterday for a young woman who is arriving tomorrow from UK to have a very painful operation here in SA. I delivered bunny this afternoon and realised that she had not yet had her photographic session. But I'll try to get a pic before she flies off to to live in England in two weeks' time.

Some time ago I mentioned that I had adopted two new Steiff babies and here is one of them
The story goes that this is Blackie, the White House Cat who lived in the White House during President Coolidge's term of office. It is said that he still haunts the White House. The picture next to him is the cat owned by father before he married my mother. When he went off with the armyto Italy and Eqypt during World War II, my mother babysat the kitty. Unfortunately kitty was killed by a car just before my father came home. Decades later my own black cat was killed by a car and a few weeks ago my friends little black kittie met with the same end. When I saw the Steiff cat, I admired him and carried on walking but he called me, softly at first but by the time reached the door he was screamin for me to take him with me. Of course ... I did. Who coud ever ignore a bear or a cat calling you? Now I have a black feline fiend who won't go roaming around in the streets .I like to think thathe found me to make up for all the lost black cats.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Billy the Bear

At last I have managed to complete a new little bear. I prepared a very long post and lost my internet connect before I could save it. So I'll skip the explanations and introduce Billy to you. He's a very playful little fellow and at night I hear him keeping the other bears out of their sleep but they adore him. Hopefull I can now spend more time with these little creatures and be able to show you a few more in the near future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sitara's friend, Kira

Kira is an 18" golden mohair gal and was born this afternoon. She and Sitara became firm friends immediately. Kira just loves being hugged and patted and I am delighted to have her in my hug.

Kira and Sitara

Unfortunately I do not have a whole lot of time for my blogging anymore but I do manage to read through the posts at night and try and comment as much as my time permits and I still thoroughly enjoy reading all the news and views of my favourite bloggers. I have however managed to complete two little creatures.
I'm sure most of you will recognise Jenny Lee's elephant pattern. This little one's name is Sitara. She is named after a camp in the Kruger National Park and one day, when she grows up she will be one of the Big Five but for now she is a darling little elly who plays all day with the bears. Sitara is for Elena .... at last!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm still here!

To my blog friends

I'm still here! I have changed my career path and working like crazy and also trying to complete a new bear - a big one. There has been absolutely no time to post but I have been trying to keep up to date with my reading the blogs. Soon, I'll have some time again and hopefully in a short while I will be able to show you my bear.
Love to all.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, May 29th, was our wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful evening planned but unfortunately I was out for the count with flu. So, my beloved husband, thank you for all the wonderful years, for the countless cups of coffee, the endless patience, the never ending support for everything I attempt and most of all the enduring love. Here is your favourite rose, for you this time, with all my love, your Sweetheart.


Well, hello there, I'm Lucy, the new Southern Bear. A Mojo sent from Alaska, helped me to be born today. I'm a 12" sweet mohair girl and I love lots of hugs and kisses.

PS. She absolutely refused to wear the dress I made her!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My mojo

It amazes me how people lose and find their. "mojo" within a day or two. When I lose my mojo it seems to disappear for long leave. I have flu and the little blighter doesn't want to be with a sick person, so he has taken off! He will definitely return - but when?? Oh well, in the meantime whilst I await his return, I'll take medication, take a break and take to my bed early at night. I miss my little companion.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vicki, I saw your comment after my post. Thank you and Larry it is!

Sunday evening

I saw this picture on an Italian bearmaker's blog and thought you all might like it too.
This weekend was far more productive, thank goodness. I cut out and sewed a 13" bear - she needs her footpads and then she is ready to be assembled. I also made her a dress (completed) and I'm quite excited to see whether she is going to want to wear it! Next was a velvet strawberry and a velvet pin cushion which turned out quite well. Almost forgot .... I made tags for my bears too.
There is a mini bear and an elephant in progress and if I'm lucky and things go my way, they will be completed by next weekend.

For two weeks I have been so stressed because I have had to make a decision about my career. I had a job offer but was not feeling very comfortable about accepting it. Another meeting was arranged this morning and all the issues were ironed out and the offer was one I cannot refuse. So my career is now taking a completely new, exciting turn and I feel much more settled.

To Wendy, Carolyn and Laura, thank you for comforting words - very much appreciated.

I hope you all have a very good week.

Friday, May 22, 2009


This has been an incredibly flat week for me with only a small bear's cardi having been knitted. There were friends to be loved and issues requiring decisions and sheer tiredness. So the bears and the crafting took a back seat but I'm really, really hoping that this weekend will be more fruitful.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Pat xx

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bears, bears and more bears

When I left work on Friday afternoon I had so many plans for a new bear and a few other little projects. However, Georgia and Caleb, my grandchildren in Australia, both have birthdays at the beginning of June so I had to parcel up their presents so that I could post them off on Saturday morning. Well this took up the entire Friday night. On Saturday afternoon I settled down to make the planned bear and everything went wrong, so I reluctantly abandoned the bear and started with an elephant but because I was in a "bear" mood, the elly wasn't very satisfying so I have left him for another time.
Today, Sunday, my husband wanted to shop and visit friends and when we eventually got home, I had to cook dinner and that was the end of the weekend and my bearmaking plans. Has this ever happened to any of you???
BUT, I do have some very interesting bears for you. Not of my own making but they are part of my hug.
And here is my little foreigner. He is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot stop kissing and hugging him. I need to name him ... any suggestions?
I hope you enjoy meeting a few of my favourites.

It has now turned quite cold here in sunny SA but I've dressed the bears I have made (and kept) to make sure that they'll be warm and cosy. The black bear became a girl and is sporting a dress now! The two on the right are wearing jerseys I knitted for them from a pattern in Australian Bear Creations. This is a really, really good pattern.

This is Megan Chamberlain's little Vivian Rose, such a gorgeous little lady! Unfortunately I have huge difficulty with photographing the mini bears, so this picture does not do her any justice. Sorry baby!

A little Steiff Alpaca rocking horse. The bear is attached to the pony.

And this is my no. 1 favourite little darling - he is absolutely beautiful!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A foreigner comes to stay.

This morning I collected my new bear who had flown all the way from the USA to come and live with me. He then sat next to me on the front seat of the car whilst I drove to work and presently he is taking a long nap in the car, after his mammoth journey. He came from Brenda, The Vintage Polka Dot and exceded my expectations. Thank you Brenda! I perceived him to be considerably smaller but he's about 12" tall (a guess) and he is adoreable. My bears are going to love him and I'll take pics over the weekend to show you.
Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Posy - Ginger's give-away

This is Ginger's give-away for the 25th Anniversary of artist bear making! Wow, I have not even reached my first Anniversary yet. Ginger is a marvelous inspiration to us newbies and I'm sure to the long terms artists as well. Please visit her blog

Sunday, May 10, 2009


To everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!
My children are too far away to have been with me today but I had long distance phone calls. My hubby spoilt me and this afternoon I completed this little boy bear, Bobby. He is 13" standing and is my very first "own design". His coat is Schulte Mohair and he has German wool felt paw and foot pads. It's getting chilly here now so I knitted him a little pullover to keep him warm. I'm quite pleased with the way he turned out.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

For my mother

It is the 11th Anniversary of my mother's passing. I lost her the day before Mother's Day 1998.

For mom ...

Someone still loves you

someone still cares

someone still whispers your name in their prayers.

Though absent,

you are still near and loved very dear.

You shared our life, our love,

hope and tears.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Harley Davidson

(Vicki, this one is for you ....)
The first photograph was taken at a charity run, of only Harleys and there were more than 600 Harleys at this venue. This particular run was called The Kids Run and it was to collect blankets and money for children. The other two pics are of Ed and I on our Harley Davidson motorcycle. We have had some really good times on this machine!!