Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You will succeed not because you're allowed to, but because you decide to.

You will prosper not because of the hand you;ve been dealt, but because of what you do with it.

You can allow yourself to be held back by what is, or you can choose to create what can be.

Whatever comes your way is insignificant when compared to what you make of it.

Though others may have impressive wealth and other advantages going for them, remember this ..

You have you going for you.

You have a solid, authentic purpose and the determination to fulfil that purpose. You have a unique perspective and the ability to leverage that perspective into real, lasting value.

That's more than enough to take you wherever you choose to go, no matter what your starting point may be. Whether circumstances favour you or not, your commitment and your actions can always be working in your favour. Don't waste your time obsessing over what's unfair or unfortunate about your situation. Put all your energy into what you can do, into the positive steps you can take and deliver yourself to wherever you wish to be.

- Ralph Marston


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Pat,

Such a lovely post you have shared today.
Hope all is well with you and that you have a wonderful week.


Southern Bears said...

Hi Carolyn, all is well and I'm having a really good week. I hope your week is wonderful too.

customteddys said...

Awesome! Thanks for the dose of inspiration to get this day going. Love you lots, Vicki

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Inspiration to perfection.

"bear's house" said...

Ciao cara!!!

Buonissima settimana anche a te!

Kisses a lot dear friend! ;o)

Have a wonderful week...NI

Leny said...

Beautiful post!


Purple Georgia said...

Very inspiration mum - I'll keep this close to my heart

Dragonfly Creations said...

Hi Pat
Love your latest bear and the little chipboard boxes. Definitely does help to sit and create when the stress gets too much. Hope you are feeling good again. Thank you for sharing these words, so important and very true.
Enjoy the rest of your week. BTW you were so right, holding your grandchild is something really special.