Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Favourite things

I believe that the cure for depression, sadness, anxiety, etc is surrounding myself with lovely objects - things I love and love to look at. And I usually find that they are small objects and quite often, useless objects. But nevertheless they bring such pleasure into my life. For many years I had forgotten this simple cure and I had forgotten that I love to create lovely things. And I had forgotten that my mother was a very good crafter and taught me to love crafts. Now these things have been remembered - pulled out from somewhere deep and the more I get involved with my crafts, the happier I become. Every time I use my sewing machine I think of my mother. Everytime I use her huge, gorgeous, expensive pair of material scissors, I think of her and every time I complete a little bear I think of her and the smile she would have on her face. For the first time in my life I feel that I am my mother's daughter and that she would now actually like me and approve of me. She always loved me dearly but approval .... not quite ...

Now how on earth did I get to my mother when I started with beautiful objects? It's not really surprising because she taught me to love beautiful objects too! So here are a few that I see every day and they give me great pleasure.

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