Monday, January 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are back in SA and have recovered from the jetlag, thank goodness. We had some very strange experiences on our trip home from Australia. On Friday night when we landed in Sydney we were unable to find any affordable accommodation and decided to spend the night at the airport, not knowing that the airport shuts down at about 22h30. We spent the night with a band of backpackers, literally in a cordoned off corner with access to the carpark (for the smokers), toilets and vending machines selling cooldrinks and chips and chocs. What a long night. I was unable to sleep so I sat and listened to the backpackers telling each other tales of their travels. They came from far and wide - such interesting young people. Eventually the morning came and Ed and I had coffee at Starbucks at 06h00 and at 07h30 when we were waiting to check in for our flight, we were informed by a Qantas customer person that we had been upgraded to Business Class. Despite our exhaustion we were all smiles and had a wonderful journey back home, feeling very posh indeed.
I feel I have earned the title of non-smoker. I spent three weeks with three very active smokers and survived some hair times in our travels. The worst being when I had to get onto that plane at Rockhampton Airport. I turned around to wave and both my daughter and granddaughter were crying and I thought I was going to choke, suffocate and then die ... and I desperately wanted a cigarette but I didn't smoke, so yes, I am now a non-smoker.
Tomorow I go back to the office and my New Year's Resolutions are to be as happy as possible every single day, to be kind, to be generous of spirit, to be forgiving and to make a really good bear.
I now need to go to sleep, so goodnight Georgie, I love you and miss you endlessly.
As soon as I get myself organised I'll post some photos of Oz.

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