Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Please meet the latest addition to my bear family - Lee-Ling. He is 6" sitting and he wears a coat of Schulte Alpaca Mohair. His paw and foot pads are ultra-suede and he is five way jointed. I added weight to his feet to enable him to stand on his own. He wears a red ribbon and a key and lock around his neck. Lee-Ling is a very happy and placid little fellow.


FenBeary Folk said...

What a treasure, he is just gorgeous. I adore him
Sue xx

Draffin Bears said...

Lee-Ling is cute Pat and looks so happy.


Patricia said...

Well thank you so much Sue and Carolyn - I will tell the little one.

Wendy said...

Another beautiful bear. He is wonderful, well done

Patricia said...

Thank you Wendy.

customteddys said...

He is lovely, Pat! Hope he's not too warm in that fur coat of his. Maybe he should move to Alaska where it is still snowing?? :) Take care, Vicki and the bears

Patricia said...

Hi Vicki, one of these days it will be cooler again and then he'll be more comfortable!

Spruce Creek Farm said...

Very cute; I have neighbors who raise alpaca's. We once helped shear them.
Have a great weekend.