Sunday, July 19, 2009

This and that

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

I completed a grey alpaca bunny yesterday for a young woman who is arriving tomorrow from UK to have a very painful operation here in SA. I delivered bunny this afternoon and realised that she had not yet had her photographic session. But I'll try to get a pic before she flies off to to live in England in two weeks' time.

Some time ago I mentioned that I had adopted two new Steiff babies and here is one of them
The story goes that this is Blackie, the White House Cat who lived in the White House during President Coolidge's term of office. It is said that he still haunts the White House. The picture next to him is the cat owned by father before he married my mother. When he went off with the armyto Italy and Eqypt during World War II, my mother babysat the kitty. Unfortunately kitty was killed by a car just before my father came home. Decades later my own black cat was killed by a car and a few weeks ago my friends little black kittie met with the same end. When I saw the Steiff cat, I admired him and carried on walking but he called me, softly at first but by the time reached the door he was screamin for me to take him with me. Of course ... I did. Who coud ever ignore a bear or a cat calling you? Now I have a black feline fiend who won't go roaming around in the streets .I like to think thathe found me to make up for all the lost black cats.

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Pat,

Lovely to hear from you.
What a neat story about the black cat calling you and wanting you to buy him.
Sorry about the previous black cats and at least this one will remain safe.