Thursday, July 9, 2009

Billy the Bear

At last I have managed to complete a new little bear. I prepared a very long post and lost my internet connect before I could save it. So I'll skip the explanations and introduce Billy to you. He's a very playful little fellow and at night I hear him keeping the other bears out of their sleep but they adore him. Hopefull I can now spend more time with these little creatures and be able to show you a few more in the near future.


"bear's house" said...

PATTTTTTTTTT...THANKS, THANKS a lot for you lovely comment!!!

Ohhhhhhh..."Billy" is WONDERFUL!!!

Compliments, compliments...I love it!!!

KISSES, KISSES my "SWEET" Pat! ...a soon. NI from Italy the country of the sun!

Laura said...

Pat, Billy is adorable. What a sweet face! Sounds like you have quite a hug.
Cheers and Hugs,

customteddys said...

Billy is sweet and very special. I love that he "keeps the other bears out of their sleep" ... what a perfectly classic description of teddy bear activities! Love and Hugs from Vicki

Southern Bears said...

Oh you girls - you are so special!

Pat xx