Sunday, September 20, 2009

Madame Fluff

" So what if I don't have a body, I have a gorgeous hat!"
Poor Madam Fluff ... this mohair is absolutely dreadful and she ended up with a hole in her snout and the rest of limbs seem to be falling apart too. I cannot decide whether I should complete the body or not. This mohair was certainly not inexpensive and I am having such a tough time with it. The pile is very long and fluffy and not stable at all - I have been sneezing my way through the making of this bear and every time a limb is complete I see a hole in the seam! If I do decide to carry on, she will definitely not be able to be a gift or be adopted. It's such a pity because she has such a strong personality. What to do?? I simply cannot abandon her, but with my very limited time, I try to make quality bears and to spend so much time and effort, knowing that she will be defective .... what would you do? Let her be born and keep her as a very special child or bury her in the back of the cupboard? Problem is - these bears have voices and won't allow you to forget them. To all the experienced bear makers - please advise!!


Jenny Lee said...

Hi Pat, sorry to hear about your troubles with Madam it splitting at the seams? One thing you can do is brush over the inside of the seams with fabric glue and let it try before turning inside out. This will hold the seams together when stuffing. Hope this helps but she has such a beautiful face, would be a real shame to abandon her.

customteddys said...

Wow, tough decision. I must admit I recycled "one" bear. And it was after more than a year of having him around and just being so dissatisfied.... he finally gave me permission to re-use his mohair to create another entity.. of which is in one of my bags ready to be put together. At any rate, ask the bear. Let us know what "she" decides. Love and hugs to you both, Vicki

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Pat,

Sorry for Madam Fluff.
She is such a beauty and what I would do is finish her and keep her, maybe and place her on a dresser, bookshelf or wardrobe.