Friday, January 7, 2011

"Candy" Bear

Sugar and spice and all things nice ... Candy, the little baby polar bear. I simply could not resist. I ordered this knitting pattern from Susan at and tomorrow I am off to buy the wool.
Whilst mohair bears and friends are my passion, lately I am having difficulty with the hand sewing of the bears at night. Perhaps I'm tired, perhaps it's A.G.E. but now I can still busy myself with a bear AND watch telly. This little bear and her twin sister would love to live with my granddaughters Georgia and Abigail.
Pop in and meet the lovely little characters and enjoy beautiful photographs at maryjanestearoom and buy some of Candy's favourite sugar bonbons!


customteddys said...

Hi Pat! Oh, she is beautiful. Just the colors themselves give out some very healing energy... she looks like a perfect project for some step back time. Lots of love, Vicki

Natalia said...

Hope you will show us this little sweety. I wounder if you do her from mohair yarn how would she be looking - fluffy and soft.

Al the beste


Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your knit teddy, Pat. Sounds like fun, and a nice change of pace.♥

Dragonfly Creations said...

What a beautiful little bear. Cannot wait to see yours, get knitting girl!
Have a great week