Monday, January 10, 2011

Queensland, Australia

Amidst all the abundance in our lives, let us stop for a while and say a prayer for the thousands of people who have lost their homes, possessions and livelihoods in Queensland Australia. Because my daughter lives in Gracemere, a suburb of Rockhampton, I have been following all the reports on the news and have cried so many tears for those people. Thank the Lord my child and her family have been safe because they are on higher ground but the disaster has affected their business too and 6 years hard work and determination have been washed away by the waters. I have been to Rockhampton twice and it is heartbreaking to see that lovely area covered in water. We take so many things for granted in our lives, so let us all be grateful and thankful that we still have what we have.


Dragonfly Creations said...

Dear Pat
So sorry to read that the dreadful floods in Australia have affected your family. Can't believe to imagine how they must feel, will be thinking of them.
lots of caring hugs

Southern Bears said...

Thank you Wendy.

customteddys said...

Our world is smaller than we think sometimes... Although Australia and South Africa seem far away... you are as close as my fingertips. Sending light your way and to your daughter as well. Hugs, Vicki