Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jesse turns 9 today!
I remember that day so clearly ... the day I first held that tiny little boy in my arms. The day I met my first grandson. He had just been born and from the very first moment I looked at him I knew that this boy child was going to wrap me around his little finger forever and ever.
Happy birthday Jess - I love you with all my heart.


Dragonfly Creations said...

What a wonderful little boy, a face full of mischief and joie de vivre. Can't wait for my first grandchild due in March!

Southern Bears said...

Hi Wendy. You must be counting the days now and there must be lots of pics on your blog when the little one arrives. You know what "they" say ... a child of my child is twice my child.

"bear's house" said...

Ciao PAT!!!


Il tiuo nipotino รจ davvero bellissimo...e BUON COMPLEANNO!

Kisses and HUGS!

SmaCK! ;o) NI

customteddys said...

How sweet! I remember how I felt also when I held my first granddaughter in my arms. It's the kind of love that you just can't explain.

mo said...

What a beautiful boy. He shines radiant with love. He is so fortunate to be loved so much by you. *hugs*