Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This kitty cat is the most amazing and precious creature. Sox is a wild cat. He was born on our property six years ago and when he was newly weened his mommy was hit by a car in the street in front of our home and she died. The little Sox and his siblings grew up on their own and eventually when the time was right he had a mate and the two of them roamed the property in wedded bliss. But alas, tragedy struck and his mate died and Sox disappeared for several months. I thought that he too was dead. One fine day another, heavily pregnant young kitty arrived on the property and miraculously Sox also reappeared. When five kittens were born it was very evident that Sox was their daddy. Two black kitties, just like Sox and three grey kitties just like their mommy, Honey. Two of those kitties are still with us and they turned 4 last October. Sox, Honey and the two children live together on our property and since the arrival of Honey, Sox has always stayed with them. When the kittens were still tiny, Sox would catch birds and rats and take them to Honey and the babies.
Every morning they come for breakfast and every evening they come for their supper. Honey and the children were all neutered and have never strayed from our property but Sox was far too wild to be caught so he still goes on the prowl every now and then. He has disappeared for days and then comes back home, battered and bruised. Shortly before Xmas he stopped scuttling away when I approached with the food and now he waits for me in the mornings and sits right next to his bowl.
I took this photograph this morning - Honey and the children ran away when they saw the camera but Sox allowed me to photograph him.
Although 6 is definitely not old for a kitty who is a pet, it is really an achievement for a wild cat who for about five years fended for himself.
So Sox, my darling boy, I salute you!


"bear's house" said...

Ciao carissima amica!!!

Che bel racconto!


Grazie per averlo condiviso con noi! ;o)

Un bacio grande! KISSES and HUGS. Smuak. NI

customteddys said...

It looks like he is beginning to trust you. What a gift. Love the story. Hugs, Vicki