Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A letter to my daughters

To my lovely girls in faraway places -

Life goes on, differently, but it goes on and I miss my best friends, the two of you. I miss belonging to a family, I miss having coffee with you two, I miss shopping with you, I miss fighting with you, I miss sharing my life with you and sharing your lives. I miss watching you grow and achieve, I miss seeing you laugh and cry, I miss your husbands and I miss your children so much. I miss your advice and I miss giving you advice, I miss hearing about your work and your frustrations and your joys. I miss hearing your voices and I miss seeing your smiles. I pray for your success and happiness but there isn't a moment that I don't wish with all my heart tht you would decide to come back to me. I hope with all my heart that your decisions justify the loss, that you succeed and reach your goals and have happy, safe children so that all this can be worthwhile. I hope that you keep me fresh in their memories, that you make me a reality in their lives, otherwise why did I build a family?

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