Wednesday, December 3, 2008

'Tis the Season to be Jolly .......

The "SEASON" has finally arrived! In my household today, the 4th of December, is the official opening of the Christmas Season. Today is Ed's birthday and the first of the celebrations for the Festive period. Although we will not be in our home for Christmas, we have decided that we will still put most of our decorations up this weekend. We wait 12 months to enjoy these objects that we collect so carefully and in so many places throughout the world and we have such a short time in which to look at them with pleasure. I know that I cannot skip this opportunity and wait ANOTHER 12 months before I see them! I wanted to work on my new little bear last night but I was so exhausted and all I could manage was to take out the Christmas Bear. He arrived in this country from the USA, some twenty years ago. Candy went to America to visit her dad and when I collected her from the airport on her return, she was carrying the Christmas bear and he was so large and she so small that it looked as he was floating along unaided. He was brought home as a gift for little sister Karen. Somehow he became my property and somehow he became the Christmas bear who only made his appearance at Christmas. He is huge and beautiful and huggable and every year he looks so delighted to see me! I took a picture of him last night, brought my camera with me to work but discovered that I have left the PC cable at home. So you can meet him tomorrow.

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