Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sitara's friend, Kira

Kira is an 18" golden mohair gal and was born this afternoon. She and Sitara became firm friends immediately. Kira just loves being hugged and patted and I am delighted to have her in my hug.


"bear's house" said...

WOW Pat your teddy bear is wonderful!Nice, nice, nice...and lovely!!!PERFECT! A very bear-artist. KISSES, Ni...from Italy

Candy-Faith..... from Simply Pretty said...

So cute :)

customteddys said...

Hi Pat... I've been terribly lax on the blog these days... and I scrolled down far enough to find this lovely little lady. Beautiful job! I love her little print/lace collar. Many hugs from Vicki

Southern Bears said...

Thank you Ni, Candy-Faith and Vicki. Vicki I am also way behind with my blogging.

Pat xx

Pool Stories said...

I wish there were more to tell. I never saw the old man again.
PS: I enjoyed reading all your "Blogs"
I guess by now you realize I am Dances with Bear's Dad.
I never knew about Blogs until I was 'Enlightened" by Laura.
Unbelievable, South Africa, to Alaska to Italy etc around the world. And all for the love of a Teddy Bear.
Thanks for the comment.
Pool Stories Papa Bear

Southern Bears said...

Hi Papa Bear ... oh and that love is such a great one!!!

Pat xx