Saturday, August 29, 2009


A photographer I am not! In a fashion, I manage to photograph the bigger bears, but the mini bears are a nightmare. Oh well ....
I am also not a maker of mini bears but this one called me and despite the dreadful photographer, Mickey is really very sweet and much cuter than his picture shows. He is 4 1/4" standing, fully jointed and his coat is a lovely lemon Sassy


Jenny Lee said...

I think he's absolutely adorable!!! :D

Laura said...

Mickey is a real cutie! Love his color and love that his closure thingy is a diaper pin. Wonderful!
Big Hug,

Draffin Bears said...

Mickey is cute Pat.
They do sometimes have a mind of their own when it comes to photographing them.

Enjoy your weekend

The Paper Daisy Company said...

Maybe Mickey was just a little camera shy :-)

"bear's house" said...

Hello and THANK YOU MY DEAR for a your wonderful comment and passage in my space!!!

THANKS a lot!

Your Teddy is fabulous and nice like you!

KISSES...and have a good week! NI

customteddys said...

He is really "sweet", Pat. Aren't the little ones just something else? Love and hugs to you, Vicki

Southern Bears said...

Thank you everyone. Your visits and comments are soooo appreciated.