Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pincushion Swop

I have hurt my hand and it's all bandaged up and this post is taking forever to complete. The photographs have taken even longer! But here goes ...

Some time ago I was a participant in a pincushion swop. After I had entered all sorts of things happened in my life and I sent my parcel off after the deadline but fortunately my partner in the USA received her goodies and seemed pleased with my efforts. Thank goodness because I agonised over the pincushion before I mailed it ... all my friends were asked to comment and after number of tweaks and content changes, the package was sent off. I had already given up hope to receive anything in the swop, when my surprise arrived yesterday. Thank you Linda of Fibre Fabrications! Linda breeds Alpaca's in the USA - what a blessed lady and so talented to boot. She sent me a very precious needle felted little bear sitting in a colourful bucket, together with beautiful yarn (Alpaca??), a photograph of an Alpaca (be still my heart) and a card with various sewing needles. A wonderful gift which is deeply appreciated. Linda, everytime I look at my bear I think of "every poke" made.

Take a look at these lovely items -


Linda B said...

Thank you so much for your appreciation!!! I think your pictures are great! Hope your hand heals soon so you can get back to creating.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Pat,

Great that the swap worked out well and I love your little pincushion.
I hope that the hand is healing.


Southern Bears said...

Hi Linda and Carolyn - thanks for the good wishes. It is sooo frustrating not being able to cut, sew, draw, etc, etc. I can only sit and look at my materials and unfinished items!!