Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A little furball

I used Jenny Lee's "Trumpet" pattern to create this little fellow. And what a task that was! The Alpaca was really too dense and he turned into a real furball but he is so huggable and kissable! He was adopted before he was even born!


FenBeary Folk said...

What a sweetie, know what you mean about the fur being to furry, I am a sucker for the long dense type
Sue xx

PS Love the polar xxx

Southern Bears said...

Wasn't the polar gorgeous?

customteddys said...

He really is sweet. A challenge to turn right-side-out, I'm sure. Hugs from Vicki in warm Alaska !

Draffin Bears said...

Very sweet little Trumpet and yes, the long pile fur can be a challenge.


Southern Bears said...

Aah the joys of Alpaca. Vicki I'm pleased to hear that Alaska is warm at last. Tomorrow it is officially winter in SA and today our temperature is 28 deg.C. I am so looking forward to it getting cooler!