Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I held my breathe, took the plunge and voila! I pulled this old bunny out of the proverbial hat! Katie has a mohair coat and measures 9" when standing, 6 1/2" when sitting. She is fully jointed and can stand on her own. For quite some time I have been drawn to the vintage/ primitive works but it really is frightening to think of virtually destroying a beautiful piece of mohair. However, it has been so rewarding and Katie is a darling.


FenBeary Folk said...

I liked Gladys but Katie is just stunning, to think you nearly didn't give it a go, what a shame that would have been, gorgeous thats what she is
Sue xx

Southern Bears said...

Thanks Sue. Once again you were my inspriration. When you made your vintage bear, I also decided to take the leap.

The Paper Daisy Company said...

oh my, last week Katie was just a small cute little face with big ears and look at her now, absolutely adorable - can't wait to meet her, so I can hug and hold her and maybe "bunnynap" her.