Monday, April 20, 2009


This is Gladys, a 9" little girl with a Schulte Mohair coat. It's getting a bit nippy here in SA - Autumn is here and the mornings are cool so I knitted her a dress. She has a very warm disposition and is pleased to make your acquaintance.


Laura said...

Gladys is adorable and I'm pleased to be making her acquaintance! I see she's all ready for your cooler weather. Cute dress!
We're heading into summer, you into winter.
So, are we upside down, or are you?

customteddys said...

You knit, too? Gladys is beautiful. Is she made from some of that mohair you were talking about the other day? Hugs, Vicki

Draffin Bears said...

Gladys is sweet Pat.

The weather is getting cooler here too and I have had to put on a jersey for the first time this year.


Dorthe said...

hello Pat, and thanks for sweet comment,-I love your Gladys, she is so sweet.
Wisches you a wonderfull day.

Hugs Dorthe

Patricia said...

To all you wonderful ladies - thank you for your comments. It's a cold miserable day here in "Sunny SA". But fortunately our winters are extremely short and very mild generally. Vicky, I still have to create new creatures from the new mohair (lovely stuff by the way) and yes, I do knit but nothing too complicated. Have a fabulous day everyone.

FenBeary Folk said...

Hi Pat, I adore Gladys, she has a really adorable face and her dress is so pretty
Sue xx