Thursday, April 2, 2009

For Georgia and Jesse ... with love from Jemima

Jemima just loves fresh cut flowers and pot plants - not to look at them but to eat them! I bought this little chicken plant holder with a mini palm for Easter and the minute I walked through the front door, Jemima started plotting and scheming to get hold of that little plant. As soon as she thought I was not watching she tried to take a huge bite of the plant! What a naughty little kitty she is and now I've had to move the chicken pot to the very top shelf where we can't really see it too well.


Laura said...

Pat, What a great shot of naughty little kitty eating your mini tree. Did Jemima then turn to you to say ..Gotta love me!? Hugs, Laura

Patricia said...

Oh Laura I just love Jemima to death and I forgive her anything and everything!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Pat,

What a very cute photo ~ you do have to love them even when they do things like that.


customteddys said...

Jemima makes me smile. They certainly have their own mind about things, don't they? Hugs, Vicki