Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Everyone who knows me well, knows that I have a passion for shopping. Retail therapy. I don't drink alcohol, I do not smoke cigarettes, I do not gamble (how I have wanted to say that!). I do not take sleeping pills, tranquilisers, anti-depressants, etc. BUT ... I do retail therapy, in super huge quantities. When we travel I always bring back "things" and these "things" serve as a constant reminder of those happy travels and the people I share them with. The exquisite Scottish thistle which I bought in Loch Lomond - when I look at it I see my Scottish clan and I can smell the mist on the water. The little notebook procured in the Stockland shopping mall in Rockhampton, the Beef Capital of Australia - I feel Candice and Georgia next to me and I hear all the Christmas shopping sounds. These objects transport me to my loved ones in faraway places. My home is filled with objects from all over ... my pictures in my kitchen from Amsterdam, my dressing table lady from Swaziland, my Shark stuff from Durban, my teddy bear from the shop next to the littlest church in Harrismith. Pearls from Singapore, something from Dubai, shells from Yepoon, boxes from IKEA in Glasgow, the kitchen wreathe from Watervall
Boven. Such special memories with such special people. And now we are in a recession and we won't be going abroad for quite some time and we won't be doing Retail Therapy for quite some time so all my "stuff" will give me great comfort!

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Karen said...

No alcohol, no cigarettes, no gambling, no pills.....must have bad man in your life to take up the slack?(bad man and wild friend?!)