Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Ways

I have made two decisions this morning. One - I will continue to make mini bear heads ONLY until such time as I get the heads right! What a battle. Two - I am going to purchase a new camera today. Yes, today, because I cannot wait until the weekend. I need to be able to post beautiful pictures and to be able to convey a true image of whatever I show. It really has been awful struggling with this inadequate camera I have. Up to now I have only needed a camera to be able to take pictures of occasions and people and then usually the pictures were printed and placed in albums or in scrapbooks, for my eyes only. Everything has now changed and digital photography has become so crucial. What do they say ... the only constant is change, whether we like it or not. And as mentioned yesterday I try to record the happenings in my life, to show my family in Australia and UK. To this end I would like to make it as attractive as possible for them and anyone else who is interested in what I do.

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Karen said...

Ok - so what did you do? Did you order or buy the camera