Sunday, February 8, 2009

A wonderful weekend with special friends

These are a select few of the many, many pictures take this weekend. Saturday morning started very early so that we could visit the Cheetahs. What absoloutely maginificent creatures! We had the opportunity of touching and being photographed with a Cheetah ambassador. His name is Byron and he was reared in a house and would still refer sleeping on a bed! We saw wild dogs, hyena's, buck, ostriches etc. Later in the afternoon we went on a game drive at Heia Safari Lodge and saw Rhino's, Gemsbok, Zebra, Impala and the Hippo's in their pool. This was Africa at her very best. This morning was another very early start to go up in a hot air balloon. What an experience! We flew in the blue balloon and the rest of the party flew in the red balloon. We went up to 5000 metres, the maximum height permitted in the area. After the flight we were given glasses of champagne. Poor Karen was terrified as she hates heights and flying but Eddie and I and Andreas loved it. Karen arranged this weekend to celebrate Andreas's birthday and what a celebration. It was magic ... thank you so much, my friend, for all the effort and creativity.

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Karen said...

Pleasure and thank you for helping to make it such a special memory for both of us.