Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bears, bears and more bears

When I left work on Friday afternoon I had so many plans for a new bear and a few other little projects. However, Georgia and Caleb, my grandchildren in Australia, both have birthdays at the beginning of June so I had to parcel up their presents so that I could post them off on Saturday morning. Well this took up the entire Friday night. On Saturday afternoon I settled down to make the planned bear and everything went wrong, so I reluctantly abandoned the bear and started with an elephant but because I was in a "bear" mood, the elly wasn't very satisfying so I have left him for another time.
Today, Sunday, my husband wanted to shop and visit friends and when we eventually got home, I had to cook dinner and that was the end of the weekend and my bearmaking plans. Has this ever happened to any of you???
BUT, I do have some very interesting bears for you. Not of my own making but they are part of my hug.
And here is my little foreigner. He is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot stop kissing and hugging him. I need to name him ... any suggestions?
I hope you enjoy meeting a few of my favourites.

It has now turned quite cold here in sunny SA but I've dressed the bears I have made (and kept) to make sure that they'll be warm and cosy. The black bear became a girl and is sporting a dress now! The two on the right are wearing jerseys I knitted for them from a pattern in Australian Bear Creations. This is a really, really good pattern.

This is Megan Chamberlain's little Vivian Rose, such a gorgeous little lady! Unfortunately I have huge difficulty with photographing the mini bears, so this picture does not do her any justice. Sorry baby!

A little Steiff Alpaca rocking horse. The bear is attached to the pony.

And this is my no. 1 favourite little darling - he is absolutely beautiful!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Pat,

Yes, sometimes the best laid plans get changed and other things take over.

Your new bear is very sweet ~ looks like a Poppet or Lollypop to me.
Great to see your bears, you have a lovely collection.


Laura said...
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Laura said...

Pat, your tale of woe hits close to home. Not only does life's happenings ruin best laid plans, I'm a world class procrastinator!
Call me crazy, but your new hug looks like a Hector to me.
I love all your bears. And they are so lucky to be in your hug!
Huggy Hugs,

Laura said...

Something hiccupped and I was posted twice. I deleted one.
So you get an extra hug,

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hi Pat, Glad you found my beary blog! We are away on holiday at the moment and have limited computer access, so I havn't had chance to see as much of your blog as I would like, but it looks very interesting and i'll be back for sure! Your bears are lovely!

Best wishes,
Lynda and the Friendly Co. of Bears.

Wendy said...

Hello Pat
Love the new bear, he looks like a Rupert.

customteddys said...

Hi Pat,

I think your little bear whispered into my computer monitor and said his name was Larry... What a treasure, for sure. The best laid plans..... that is why I set aside three days a week for bearmaking (I am retired so I don't do other work outside of my home). However, many other things come up... like time with Mom, which takes priority over the bears (they understand). Hugs to you from Vicki

Dorthe said...

Pat, your little forigner bear, is wonderfull, I would hug him too.

xo Dorthe