Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday evening

I saw this picture on an Italian bearmaker's blog and thought you all might like it too.
This weekend was far more productive, thank goodness. I cut out and sewed a 13" bear - she needs her footpads and then she is ready to be assembled. I also made her a dress (completed) and I'm quite excited to see whether she is going to want to wear it! Next was a velvet strawberry and a velvet pin cushion which turned out quite well. Almost forgot .... I made tags for my bears too.
There is a mini bear and an elephant in progress and if I'm lucky and things go my way, they will be completed by next weekend.

For two weeks I have been so stressed because I have had to make a decision about my career. I had a job offer but was not feeling very comfortable about accepting it. Another meeting was arranged this morning and all the issues were ironed out and the offer was one I cannot refuse. So my career is now taking a completely new, exciting turn and I feel much more settled.

To Wendy, Carolyn and Laura, thank you for comforting words - very much appreciated.

I hope you all have a very good week.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Pat,

You have been busy with all your bears and tags.

Much luck with the new position, sounds very exciting.


Laura said...

Hi Pat
You certainly had a busy bear weekend. Wish I could say the same. I'm more of a flibbertigibbet than I thought.
I hope your new career venture is all you hope and want it to be. Sending many positive vibes. I wish you the very best!
Happy Hugs,

customteddys said...

A dress????? I can't wait to see it! Very best of luck with your new venture. Hugs from Vicki