Thursday, May 28, 2009

My mojo

It amazes me how people lose and find their. "mojo" within a day or two. When I lose my mojo it seems to disappear for long leave. I have flu and the little blighter doesn't want to be with a sick person, so he has taken off! He will definitely return - but when?? Oh well, in the meantime whilst I await his return, I'll take medication, take a break and take to my bed early at night. I miss my little companion.


"bear's house" said...

KISSES in my blog I've posted the translator! THANKS...Moyo who is'? BYE...NI "bear's house"

Laura said...

Oh Pat, so sorry to hear you have the flu.
Pamper yourself, eat lots of chicken soup, and your health and your Mojo will return to you soon.
Take care, dear friend.

customteddys said...

You can borrow my Mojo. Sending to South Africa..... Hugs from Vicki

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Pat,

So sorry to hear that you have the flu. Do take it easy and get lots of rest and I hope that you are feeling better.
The bears can wait.


Southern Bears said...

To my Italian friend, my "mojo" is my inspiration, my spiritual energy. But thanks to the good wishes of my blogland friends Laura, Vicki and Carolyn, I feel much better and Vicki's mojo helped me out this weekend. Thanks Vicki!

Pat xx